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The charity depends on a team of volunteers to deliver our services. There is a great team spirit and a lot of laughter between volunteers and the people who access our services. We have a variety of volunteering opportunities requiring a range of different skills. You can volunteer on an occasional basis or set a regular commitment. If you would like to be a part of our volunteer team,  please complete an application form.

Current vacancies


We would welcome interest from those looking to give time once a week, or a little more if wanted, at our centre or at one of our Support group sessions. If you feel you would like to share your skills or interests with our team, please make contact.

Please let us know if you are able to help us for part of the time/short term/once a month/whatever!
Tasks may include: pottery, general arts & crafts, reading, word games, or your specialist skills area – we’re open to offers too!

No previous experience or expert knowledge of brain injury is required.


Compassion and a desire to support others
Being able to communicate effectively
Enthusiasm and the ability to smile and encourage

Or let us know any other way you may be able to help!

Please contact the centre for more information.

See what some of our volunteers have to say:

Linda: “I am a new volunteer at Brains Matter, but already have found my time here hugely fulfilling. I enjoy singing and music sessions with the clients, and fiercely competitive games of Jenga and Scrabble! Seeing clients’ faces light up as they join in with a familiar song, or laughing as a Jenga tower spectacularly collapses, is incredibly rewarding! I have felt welcomed, included, and appreciated from day one, and am very proud to be part of the BM family.”


Jo: I provide general support to clients when they visit; playing games, helping with other activities and having social chats. I was keen to support the charity as my mother suffered a severe head injury so I feel I have some understanding of the challenges our clients can face. Volunteering with Brains Matter gives me a sense of purpose, since I retired and makes me feel part of a special community. The centre is a happy, sociable place where clients can feel safe and engage in a varied activities programme and make new friends. I try to be cheerful and welcoming when I am volunteering, and I like to think that we all leave having had an enriching and positive experience.”


Lesley: “I volunteer at Brains Matter with a particular focus on the garden. For me it is a pleasure to spend time in the centre and to encourage everyone to enjoy and participate in and enjoy the outside space. I have learned so much from the clients and I understand so much more about the implications of brain injuries on everyday life”