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We run a diverse programme of activities and social events that take place in our centre in Tunbridge Wells. Our centre is open Monday to Wednesday from 9:30am to 15:30pm.

We post regular activities updates on our social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Take a look and feel free to message us on there, too, if you have any queries!

Activities summary:

Neuropilates, run by instructor Becky

A few words about this activity from Becky:

My group classes at brain matters are focused around functional mobility, integrating visual, proprioceptive and vestibular exercises. We often use therabands or other small equipment to lengthen and strengthen muscles.

These classes are aimed to be fun and suitable for everyone . I am a certified pilates instructor but have continued my education in brain studies. I am qualified to work with people with neurological conditions and have attended many workshops and courses related to exercise and the nervous system.

I am very passionate about helping others that have their mobility affected by illness or brain injury. Having a neurological disease myself I have personally gone through the struggles of paralysis , speech problems, foot drop, long hospital stays , learning to walk again and rehabilitation. So I can truly empathise and connect with my clients. I understand the frustration, pain and sadness when your body isn’t working as it should.  I hope to motivate and inspire my clients.


Arts and Crafts, 

These sessions cover different art styles and techniques, and anyone can join in, no matter your artistic ability! Some of the crafts we’ve covered so far have involved decoupage, clay modelling, painting, sketching, multi-media textiles etc.




Music afternoons

These sessions are enjoyed by clients who enjoy music (of all genres), singing, and a bit of fun! The clients can join in with new song suggestions, singing along, and just enjoying the musical atmosphere. If singing isn’t your thing, then we can do arts and crafts, puzzles, or games at the same time! We can adapt to individual needs and preferences.


Weekly quiz

We have a team quiz every week which covers general knowledge, music, geography, politics, history, and more! It is a great opportunity to socialize and discuss fun and interesting topics with other clients.


Discussion and Debate groups, 

We have a variety of topics to discuss, ranging from current affairs to social topics, sports and entertainment, abstract topics, technology, and more! We like to get together to read positive news stories from that week and discuss these in the group.

We will be holding fun debates in the centre, where we will split into teams and try to persuade the ‘judge’ that our teams’ argument was the strongest. This encourages the clients to improve their speech and communication skills, interact with each other, and stimulate memories which is beneficial for brain health, in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere! Topics covered can sometimes include: does social media have a positive impact?, are athletes good role models?, do celebrities make too much money?, every home should have a pet- discuss, what does the perfect day look like to you!, are Jaffa cakes biscuits or cakes?


Let’s get Techy!

A fun, informal session covering anything Internet! We will look at social media and how to post and read things online, look at the latest modern technology, watch entertaining videos, and have fun Googling! Clients will get to see our latest posts online as well as the charity’s website, which keeps them up to date if they don’t have access to a phone or the Internet at home. Jenny is happy to answer any questions that may clients have!


Gardening, run by Lesley

A client-focused session run by Lesley every Monday morning for those who love to be outside in our beautiful garden. Gardening is rewarding, creative, practical, and can be effective in people’s rehabilitation post brain injury due to the use of motor skills and organisation.





‘Terry’s Lunches’, created in recognition of  our much loved volunteer

An enjoyable way that our clients can plan, and prepare, their own group lunch for the day. We also, where possible, use our own home-grown produce within these lunches. We consider the nutritional content as well as special dietary requirements.


Regular activities include:

Word games

Social morning, catch up and a cuppa



Social walks with Ian (Every Tuesday morning)

Mobility walks



Target Games

And much more


There are no activities to display